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Compare Prostate Rx

1-A-Day Dosage

We are the Growers selling direct to you, with the finest quality, maximum strength Saw Palmetto Extract! “It’s Your Health” Compare… Accept No Less! Because we are the growers of Saw Palmetto we give you the right dosage in liquid extract form at the right price. Hassle Free!

Supplement Facts


Active Ingredient  

Prostate RXSoftgel 320 mg
Liquid Premium Co2 Extract Standardized
91% – 95%
Prostate RX
21.0 cents a day
Supplement Facts 580 mg
10 a day
Powder Extract with Filler 2 Piece Capsule 10% to 45% 66.9 cents a Day
Brand Y Capsule 80 mg
6-8 a Day
Powder & Fillers Compressed Tablet
10% to 14%
72.6 cents a Day


Prostate RX LLC uses the safest and purest extraction process known in the pharmaceutical industry as Supercritical CO2 extraction. This allows your body to absorb the extract into your blood stream most efficiently. We give you, our customer, 100% pure saw palmetto as the active ingredient. Our product does not contain any zinc or pygeum or fillers like most brands. Prostate RX LLC farms are located in Florida. We are the growers of saw palmetto berries and we produce and process our own Premium 320 mg SoftGels liquid extract for Prostate Rx.

“Growing Toward Prostate Health Worldwide”

Guaranteed Potency

  • Maximum Strength
  • Standardized 91% – 95% Fatty Acid
  • No Fillers
  • No Olive Oil
  • No Additives
  • Lab Tested
  • 3 Year Shelf Life
  • Concentrated Extract 20:1

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Softgel

100% Pure Saw Palmetto  320 mg

Other Ingredients: None. No Fillers No Stretchers.

No sugar, caffeine or artificial additions. Softgel Ingredients: Water, Gelatin, Glycerin.

Directions: Take one 320 mg SoftGel per day with water, after dinner. Curb intake of liquids after 6 p.m.

Visit Your Doctor yearly for a P.S.A. test.

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