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Is it true that I am buying direct, and that you are the growers and manufacturers of Prostate Rx?
What is saw palmetto?
Where does saw palmetto grow?
Why should I take Prostate Rx over other brands?
Do Prostate Rx softgels contain any additives or fillers?
Why should I buy a 6-month or 1-year supply of Prostate Rx instead of a 1-month supply?
How can I order on-line?
Where should I store Prostate Rx?
How can Prostate RX LLC charge less than retail chain stores, wholesale clubs and the Internet?
What should my PSA level be?
Do you add any chemicals or irradiate your Prostate Rx?
Is your 320 mg of liquid softgels stronger than the 580 mg to 900 mg 2-piece powdered capsule, or hard tablets?
Do Doctors recommend Saw Palmetto Extract for prostate enlargement?
I now take a compressed pill or two-piece hard capsule with powder inside. Why should I change?
NOTE: Take the pills you are now taking and submerge in water. It will take more than 49 hours to dissolve which only means it is passing through your system instead of going into your bloodstream. Unlike Prostate Rx which dissolves into your bloodstream within 10 minutes .
Won’t the Softgels be fresher if I buy them monthly?
Who tests Prostate Rx’s Softgels for quality?
How long has Prostate RX LLC been in business?
Can I buy Prostate Rx at Retail Stores?
There is nothing wrong with me now, why should I take Prostate Rx?
Do I need to change my eating habits?
When should I take Prostate Rx Softgels?
Note: All men over 40 – should get a PSA Test (1) every year.

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